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If you have the choice, get kitten siblings together.

I am the only child at home because of my country’s single child policy. Ever since I were young I wish to have a pet with me to keep my company. My parents were against it because they think I were too young for pets, I couldn’t take care of animals. I’ve had a few little quiet pets like hamsters, gold fish, etc. But they didn’t end up well. Perhaps my parents were right lol.  Now that I am an adult, and have the freedom in deciding whether I want to take the responsibility. So a few months ago, I’ve adapted my first kitten, Chilly.

I adopted Chilly from Humane society of Huron Valley.  He’s been doing great, low maintenance and healthy; but I’ve noticed he looks bored all the time as he were the only pet at home. When I am working on my school stuff and away from home for class, he stays in the corner all the time. Sometimes he hides under my bed, in my bathroom, or somewhere I couldn’t find.  He’s lonely.

I thought cats are lonely animals, they don’t need friends but they will do just fine. I was wrong.  If there were any of my regret for him, it would be that I didn’t adopt his brother with him. Chilly is White and Grey,  his brother is black and white. Since Chilly was my first pet, I don’t know whether I will do well in terms of taking care of them, so I didn’t take his brother with us.

Lately I’ve been looking for new kittens for Chilly, fortunately, I was able to find a pair of siblings, a boy and a girl, that were about 6 weeks old.

I’ve been doing tons of research in how to introduce kittens to an older cat, but to be honest, online information are general guidelines, what really need to do is to trust your instinct. You know your own pet, so your instinct will tell you whether you need to keep them separate for a few days or not. For Chilly, I just introduced the kittens to him the first day of their arrival. I have to confessed that there were hisses (very weak, cuz he’s always a gentle guy) from Chilly, but after a few hours I put them together again, Chilly started to smell them, the next day they have some “intense mingling”, some biting throat and chasing but nobody’s hurt, because it’s under my supervise. It is just the way cats deal with incomers to their territory. After a couple days, Chilly’s no longer staying in the corner. He starts to stay outside, monitoring how these little guys does. Whenever, they finished using litter box, Chilly would go over to help them cover their “waste” with litters. After they have their food, Chilly would go over to lick them and help them to clean up. The little guys are doing great, they started to learn from Chilly.

The little pair of siblings always stay with each other, but they also play with Chilly. They always sleep together, but they are too little to generate enough heat, so Chilly would go over with them to keep them warm.

I think it is a myth that cat’s can live alone happily. Cats are just like dogs, there’s hippocampus in their little brain, which is the same area of the brain of human that allow us to have emotional connection with other human and animals. So cats need companions. I agree that not all the cats get along with each other, but when you have the choice in deciding whether you should get siblings are not, without a second thought, GET THE SIBLINGS INSTEAD OF JUST ONE. They will be two much happier family members of your household. After reading the stories share online, Chilly and the kittens are just minority. Not every older cat and kittens can be like them.

I always consider I’m a dog person, but the three cats in my home have changed me. Cats are great companions for me and they are low maintenance. So I don’t need to walk in the winter for my dog, if I have one lol.  I think this is also about how life is. We always turn into the kind of person we didn’t think we would have been. Within a year, I turned from a dog person to a cat person. I have three cats, that’s a lot for me but my home is happy. The bill is not cheap but I am willing to save up money form dresses and heels for them. The happiness that these little guy brought to me are not comparable with dresses and heels.  Besides, if you like me, like me. I don’t need outfit to impress you. You will only like me when I am a happy person anyways.


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